YAY~~Me and my Vintage Ligne Tote!!!! i am in LOVE~

  1. Hi ladies,
    This is my first Chanel tote, i am sooooooo happy.
    i would like to share some pics with ya. :yahoo:

    The leather on this is butter soft, Love it. :heart:

    please excuse my house is mess, and my face looks stupid in the pics.
    照片 654 (Small).jpg 照片 645 (Small).jpg 照片 643 (Small).jpg
  2. congrats!!!!!!!love it!
  3. congratts nice bag
    looks great on YAH
  4. Congratulations! It looks good on you
  5. Beautiful bag!!! Enjoy!!!
  6. Congrats!!! Looks fab on you!!! :yahoo:
  7. The bag fits you so well. Both you and the bag look beautiful - congrats!!
  8. Beautiful!!! Congrats!
  9. congrats!!! i love this bag.
  10. how fab!!!! congrats!
  11. nice bag!
  12. you and your bag are lovely! enjoy it!
  13. super cute!!!! =) we have the same necklace too!!
  14. Looks great! Congrats.
  15. My favorite Chanel ligne of all time!! Love it!