YAY! MAHINA!!!! & Info on Spring/Summer bags 08 (Miroir Heart Purses Ect!)

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  1. Hiya Everyone!
    i just got back from LV and O-M-G THEY HAD THE MAHINA!
    I just walked in like :smile:then i saw the mahina and went :wtf::wtf::wtf::nuts:
    I was in love! I couldnt Believe they had it! they said they wouldnt get any more but they got one today! So then i asked my SA if they had any new interesting bags i could look at and they had just recieved a huge shipment of things so i got to look at the Miroir Heart Purses they are stunning! I acctually really like the gold and silver , i didn't get to see the other colours but yea they are sooo cute! I tried to fit a CC in it but it wouldnt fit but i loved it anyway BUT my sa did say after all the fuss last year they are selling some now for their regular customers but then keeping some until valentines day.
    Then i saw the Storm but then my sa pulled out the new vintage looking mono bags with the stripes ( Sorry i can't find pictures on the SS thread right now!) The PM is cute but looks a little weird but the GM is gorgeous!
    Then i looked throught this lookbook and they Said the White watercolour speedy is coming out in the 35 only and it will be released on the 1st of March there will also be a white bandeau to match & a belt!
    The Damier Ebene neverfull is meant to be out on 1st of May .

    The Mahina XS will be coming out in a bronze , White , Black , Silver & Gold and i wasnt sure about how it looked i can't remember when it was going to be released but it will also come in denim & the handles are longer then the XL & XXL .

    I saw the new violette colour and it's very cute!

    So if you want to ask about any bags in the new releases i will try and remember! SO MUCH TO REMEMBER!LOL

    Anyway! I'm so happy they had the Mahina ! Now i'm on a Ban from LV For the rest of the year but don't hold me to that!

    Heres some pictures!

  2. is this the vintage one? (Rayeur)

    did you see it IRL or a pic?
    Canvas Mono with Blue.jpg
  3. More Mahina :nuts: My poor poor heart is fainting :yahoo:
  4. ^ Yep thats it Claire !
    I saw it irl and the PM too!
  5. Love it girl!
  6. So happy for you :yahoo: Isn't Mahina gorgeous :love:
  7. I desperately need more info about up coming Mahina please :nuts: Like the sizes, prices, released dates, and styles please :nuts:
  8. COngrats!
  9. Is the Rayeur sold now in stores, and if not, when's the launch date? Thanks.
  10. wow lucky!!!

    im really interested as to what the Damier neverfull will look like - sounds yummy!
  11. Congrats, it's gorgeous :love:
  12. LOL The XS Mahina is Cute and has the pleat like effect on the sides same as the XL&XXL there wasnt any pictures of it in the other colours but the black one looked nice , The SA said the price will most likely be around £1,100 so approx $2,200 & i think it maybe released in may!

    The Rayeur should be in boutiques now but will be released on the 11th of january.
  13. sorry about the rayeur again did you see the messenger style one? I've waitlisted for that one what kinda size is it?
  14. OMG it's so gorgeous!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing and giving us the update on the new items.
  15. Congrats Kaiie!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!!