YAY! LV in SF Bloomingdale's!!!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Just went to the new Bloomingdale's and saw that they have LV!!!!!

    Since I'm a cardholder, I'm gonna save my gift certs :yes: for the RED Epi Passy GM that I LOVE :love: !

    Gorgeous store, I think it opens to the public tomorrow 9/28!

    So, I noticed that the Red Epi is more red than darker red. Is this the new Red? And has anyone noticed if the leather kind of creases when you hook the purse closed? Opinions please!
  2. Bloomies has LV?:nuts: That's great, I'm planning on going tomorrow, it's probably going to be crazy in that area, lol.
  3. I've noticed that the Passy does sorta crease, wrinkle when it's pulled "closed" with the hook thingy...

    And the Passy red is the new red, not the old darker red.
  4. Thanks wickedassin! Do you think the crease is bothersome, or fine to live with. I can't buy bags all the time, so I need to make sure I pick the right bag.

  5. Yeah, that's why I'm going to wait till next week, maybe on a off day like Tuesday. :yahoo:Bloomies has LV!:yahoo:...thanks for the heads up GTO! I forgot about the "Special Preview Event" today?!:hysteric:...I can't go!
  6. Pursemama, you should go! Get the $25 gift card! My girlfriend used it on cosmetics today, but it doesn't expire until 10/27. As you walk in the front, you hand over the card and get the gc!

    Go, even just for that!!!!:yes:
  7. I went there and waited in a 45 min line. I finally got in and got a $25 GC. Also they were giving away umbrellas for Bloomies credit card holders. Good news is that the GC is redeemable the the LV counter :yahoo:

    I'm considering getting the LV agenda.

  8. Damn! How did you get the $25 gift cert?

    I am going to wait until I have enough amex reward points, and then trade them in for a $250 Bloomies Gift Card. By then, my self-imposed ban should be over!

    As for visiting Bloomies, I am going to stick it out until the madness dies down, then shop to my heart's content (well, window shop, at least.)
  9. Yippy!!! I'm gonna stop by after my clinic rotation on Friday and check it out!! But of course I'm gonna stay loyal to my SA in Union square...I can't wait to go shopping this Friday!! thanks for the update!!
  10. YAY!!! I can't wait to go to the new Bloomie's. I haven't been to one in a while...
  11. Who has been already? How big is the boutique? Do they have a good selection? I have some gift cards from my AmEx that I think I will spend there, but don't know when I'll make it downtown . . . hopefully soon!
  12. The boutique looks pretty sizable, but then again, I saw it on the news and who knows how the camera inteprets space. I can't wait to go!
  13. I went in today!! it was very nice....but quite crowded!!!!
  14. I can't wait to see it! :yes:
  15. I went to Bloomies in SF today. The first thing I saw when I walked in the door was LV! I was so happy! I had a little peek inside. Everyone was soooo nice. The store is a little larger than the boutique in Neimans. I got on the waiting list for the Damier Azure Speedy. I was going to wait, but the SA told me that this is not going to be part of the permanent collection.