Yay! Look what I've got! AW07 New Season Bay! *Pics*

  1. I saw this bag in Harvey Nichols and it was love at first sight! :love:

    I had to have it! I love the colour, the style and the leather is just TDF! So thick and so distressed and unique! I love it!

    Here are pics of my new baby - the AW07 double pocket Bay with shoulder strap in "Cannelle"



  2. Oooo utterly gorgeous.
  3. Wow, so pretty, I actaully want to touch her to see what the leather is like.

    I'm very jealous! :blush:
  4. It's beautiful!
  5. WOW that is really nice. I want one now. Congrats!!:heart:
  6. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  7. wow...it looks beautiful!
  8. That is gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  9. :yahoo: Congrats! :heart: Is beautiful, I really like the colour!!!
  10. That bag is gorgeous. And the leather....oh my. I've been really disappointed with recent season leather but the Bay bags seem to be the exception. I hope Chloe stays with this manufacturer for future Bays!

    Wear it in good health - you got a gorgeous one!
  11. :drool: WHY did I look????? OMG, that bag is beautiful, I have to say I love it the best from all the Bays and the color is TDF !! Lucky girl :smile:
  12. sooooooooo puuurty!!! Congrats..
  13. Thanks everyone :flowers:

    I'm so happy with her :love:
  14. :love:!!!​
  15. Bal it's beautiful, looks scrumptuous!