**YAY .. Look what i got today


Dec 30, 2006
the OC, CA
So feeling bummed that i accidently slept in and missed my 2 classes today, i decided why not just go to SCP and meet up w/ my cousin there and do a little shopping. :graucho:

So first stop of course was LV ... I've been eyeing the speedy 30 Azur for the longest time so of course when i saw it sitting there i just had to ask to see it. Well let me tell you guys that the SA behind the counter had the rudest/*****est (Sorry for the language! but she was so rude!) look on her face when i asked that. (I mean i wasnt in sweats or anything, jeans and a nice top w/ my gucci purse, anyways ..) As i was standing there trying to decide between the 25 and 30, the SA just stood there and stared at me, not saying ONE word! Like honestly if she jus said which one she preferred i would have bought it right there and then but instead she just stood there for like 3 mins looking and staring at me while i decided, not saying ONE word! :cursing: So my cousin and I just told her we would come back later while i decided. I didnt want to give her the commission .. hehe. I should have asked what her name was but i didnt.

Anyways .. when we returned after lunch, thank god we didnt see her there anymore and instead another SA helped us. The SA was great, she gave us her input and really talked to us. She helped us so much that even my cousin decided to pick something up for her mom! I got the Azur speedy 30 and she got the Saleya in the Azur for her mom. :nuts:

Anyways im soo sorry this is so long! But here are the pics:

This is how it was shoved in the box!

Here it is in ALL its glory and a pillow shoved in it! haha :graucho:

SOrry again that this is so long! PS- this is my first thread too!