Yay!!! Look What I Got In The Mail!!!!

  1. :yahoo: Finally got my Speedy 25!!!!:yahoo:
    She's just soooo PERFECT!!!!
    I love:heart: love the light honey patina!

    Thank you so very much to...
    John, Lee and Addy
    For the help and the patience!
    Speedy 25 012.jpg Copy of Speedy 25 011.jpg
  2. Congrats, it's beautiful!
  3. aaawww...how precious:love: CONGRATS!!
  4. :nuts: Wow congrats!!! It looks perfect indeed:girlsigh: and you're always welcome...we love what we do!:graucho: ENJOY!!!!;)
  5. The patina is BEAUTIFUL!!! congrats on the lovely bag!!!
  6. Very nice!!
  7. Congrats.
  8. thanks again Lee!
    Oh! and I'd probably be needing your help with a couple of wallets and a Bh!
    my DH can't understand my addiction with ebay at the moment,
    He gave me money for my purse and doesn't understand why I would get one on ebay... hehehe!
    I just feel happier getting a good deal on a really nice piece
    and still got some more cash for other nice stuff!!!:P
  9. Congrats!
  10. congrats!!! :yahoo:
    I love getting things in the mail.. :yes:
  11. Great bag, congrat's.
  12. Thanks!!!!
    I wonder if I can keep it looking like this????
  13. I know...
    Feels sooo nice and warm... and kinda make's me a little light headed....
    :nuts: I think I'm actually nuts!!!:P
  14. It's gorgeous! Definitely a classic!!
  15. Haahahha..oh yeah, for sure we are all a little nuts!! I get the "geeze..and to think I married this woman!" look A LOT from my dh whenever I drool over my bags...But hey, what a lovely even patina! Gorgeous bag - congratulations!