Yay!!! look what I got in the mail again!!!

  1. Yay!!! Got the BH today!:yahoo:
    DH not home yet~
    so I put the new LV's in the living room for him to see as soon as he gets home...:sweatdrop:
    Goodness!!! I spent 2 hrs. cleaning this BH!
    it's only 7 months old but had so many pen marks and some stains on the vachetta!
    Glad all the cleaning tips here worked so well!!!
    It's now ready for approval!:Push:


    Here's what my Dear Husband will see as soon as he opens the door!


    Hope I get a possitive response for my adopted BH and Speedy babies!!!:tender:
    Copy of louis vuitton 036.jpg Copy of Copy of louis vuitton 058.jpg Copy of louis vuitton 059.jpg
  2. wow!! congrats! they look great!
  3. Wow, Congrats.
  4. i love your cute collection!! and the BH looks great!!!:yahoo: you did a good job cleaning it...it looks perfect...and the Sarsi can...too cute! I tried that soda at the filipino market...I must say, I'm not a fan of...but anyways...CONGRATS!! your DH will be in for a surprise! and the orchids in the back are beautiful!! my mom collects them...:yes:
  5. LOL, you're funny! Congrats, great bags you have on display there! :yahoo:
  6. Thanks Ladies!
    Thanks ajamesgrly!
    OOh... you didn't like sarsi? :upsidedown:
    I guess its a taste I remember from childhood and still love it!:P

    lemme tell yah girls... the baby wipes, regular erasers and magic erasers all work great!!!:yes:
  7. awesome! congrats!
  8. love the BH and your collection.
  9. hehe...you're very welcome!! My parents like sarsi though!:P
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Congrats! Very nice!
  12. Oooh, Congrats!

    I really want the damier pap, now...
  13. Congrats Sarsi!!!! It looks beautiful:love: ....what a lovely family.
  14. congrats!
  15. thanks!:flowers:
    Get the Papillon 30!!! you wont regret it!:yes:
    my first LV and still my favorite!!!
    Love it sooo much!!!:love: