Yay!! Look at my new...

  1. Epi zippy organizer!!

    I love it soooo much! :love: I originally wanted it in red, but the large size doesn't come in red :crybaby: But black is classy on it's own!


  2. beautiful! i love epi! i have a black & a red cles.
  3. Very nice! Can you take a pic of what it looks like inside??

  4. Here ya go:
    It holds a lot!
  6. Congrats!!!:yahoo: It's lovely,you'll be well organized now;)
  7. very nice, congrats!!! now that's a super functional wallet!!!
  8. Gorgeous, gongrats!
  9. Wow!! What a stunning piece!! GREAT choice:smile:
  10. Yeah, that's why I like it soo much! haha. I got tired of tiny wallets that don't hold much. I like to carry my life in my wallet. And it's big enough to be an evening clutch, while still holding it's elegance. I opted for the epi cuz it looks classier than the damier or monogram by itself.
  11. I want one now!:s It looks so functional
  12. Very cute!
  13. wow!! that is nice, i didnt know you can use it as a sling bag!! gotta get me one of those! =) congrats!!
  14. Wow, that holds a lot. Great choice :yes:
  15. i want one now too.. i really like the style
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