YAY Let me share my LOVE of the Patchwork Speedy!!!

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo: I love my Patchwork Speedy!!!!

    I waited so long for this one I even began to think I would not get it especially when I heard the news from Paris that it was indefinate hold :sad:.

    But now I finally have it I love it, I know alot of people don't like it or think it's not worth the money but there is so much detail on the bag it is amazing I am always discovering new things!!

    • I love the little rivest all say "Louis Vuitton Paris"
    • I little shield shaped things that attatch the handle to the bags on one side has 1 big rivet and the other 3 rivets
    • 4 (yep 4!!) Outside pockets!! & 2 Interior pockets.
    • The hardwear one one handle has the thin square hardwear like a regular speedy but the other handle it's big and fat and rounded.
    I love how it looks thrown together but it is so thought out when you look at it

    I've added some pics so you can see what I mean.

    Note to my other bag babies I LOVE you all too!!!
    Speedy.jpg Speedy back.jpg speedy side.jpg
  2. Oh good..I'm so glad you posted this because I ordered the grey one from Eluxury this morning but was having second thoughts! Thanks for posting the pics and I'm happy you love yours! :smile: Congrats!!!!
  3. u made me want one too :crybaby:

    enjooy it sweet heart ...she's TDF
  4. YAY Congrats!!, you will know when you see it if it's for you or not but personally I LOVE IT!!
  5. Congrats!! It's great!! What do you have in other boxes???:graucho:
  6. congrats label addict!!! the patchwork is amazing. i've yet to find a store in my area to carry this (all have been sold out!). i love it!!
  7. congratt!!
  8. Apparently elux have some GO!! GO NOW!! Snap that baby up
  9. Cute Bag Congrats
  10. congratS!
  11. Wow, you got it!! Every detail is so interesting and unique!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  12. It's wonderful and finally a Louis Vuitton with more than enough pockets. =P
  13. congrats!!!!
  14. Congratulations!