YAY Let me share my LOVE of the Patchwork Speedy!!!

:yahoo::yahoo: I love my Patchwork Speedy!!!!

I waited so long for this one I even began to think I would not get it especially when I heard the news from Paris that it was indefinate hold :sad:.

But now I finally have it I love it, I know alot of people don't like it or think it's not worth the money but there is so much detail on the bag it is amazing I am always discovering new things!!

  • I love the little rivest all say "Louis Vuitton Paris"
  • I little shield shaped things that attatch the handle to the bags on one side has 1 big rivet and the other 3 rivets
  • 4 (yep 4!!) Outside pockets!! & 2 Interior pockets.
  • The hardwear one one handle has the thin square hardwear like a regular speedy but the other handle it's big and fat and rounded.
I love how it looks thrown together but it is so thought out when you look at it

I've added some pics so you can see what I mean.

Note to my other bag babies I LOVE you all too!!!



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Dec 28, 2006
Now in SoCal!
Oh good..I'm so glad you posted this because I ordered the grey one from Eluxury this morning but was having second thoughts! Thanks for posting the pics and I'm happy you love yours! :smile: Congrats!!!!


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Mar 18, 2007
Wow, you got it!! Every detail is so interesting and unique!! Congrats and enjoy!!