YAY Late Christmas Present from Dad...

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  1. Darwin is now the proud holder of Green Bay Packer Season Tickets!!!
    He just has to have the paperwork notarized and I'm a proud mommy :biggrin:
    It's only a fraction of the home games because it's the deal they gave to Milwaukee ticket holders after they stopped playing in Milwaukee- BUT I DON'T CARE. I got this and my new Coach Ali so I'm a happy happy happy girl. I was on the waiting list for tickets since the age of 4- but they kicked me off when I never got some confirmation post card after we moved 12 years ago.
    (In case you didn't know- it's pretty much impossible to get season tickets.) SO YAY!
  2. Congrats!:yahoo:

    Though i have to admit, i have no idea what the tickets are for - so please excuse my ignorance, i'm from the UK! (lol):roflmfao:
  3. lol I'm so excited I forgot that part. US Football team :biggrin:
  4. Lucky you! Congrats!!!:yes:
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Congratulations!! My friend is a HUGE fan of the Packers!
  7. Yay!!!! Congratulations to you! (I wear my Packers sweatshirt every Sunday)
  8. That is a great gift that you can enjoy together!!!
  9. Congratulations! What a sweet gift!