YAY!!! Landed a Whiskey Edith

  1. So I went on a rampage today and called about 15 different Saks in the country (hoping to find that elusive 2-3 that the local SA here in Miami said had them). After my 10th call I was really discouraged because every SA was practically laughing at me when I asked them if they had an Edith "in stock". Some were downright rude, too. :mad:

    So in my last attempt I called the Saks in Naples. The SA there named Dianna said they didn't have any but that she would love to help me (she would even tell me what store carried it if they weren't willing to give it up). I hung up the phone thinking pretty much I wasn't going to get an Edith for awhile.

    And then she called me back 10 minutes later and told me that while she was in the back looking for the item number she passed a whiskey that was just put out on display!!! :shocked:

    She immediately called me back and told me and now it is on its way to my home and should arrive on Tuesday! Me so happy!! :roflmfao:

    The SA was great and her name is Dianna (in the Naples Saks). I told her that I knew a lot of wonderful women on the PF who might want someone as nice as her. :yes:
  2. Yay! Another happy Edith owner! Congrats on your bag...and post pics for us when she arrives!
  3. Thanks ET! You guys were very helpful when I posted the photos of the fake I got on Ebay (patooey on that seller, btw).

    I asked the Naples SA if the bag looked "distressed". She paused for a few moments after that becuase I think she either 1) thought I was nuts or 2) didn't know what I'd like to hear. I laughed and explained to her that I wanted a pebbly, smooshy looking bag. She said, "It is a little wrinkly looking and def. pebbly. But it is hard to tell because it is pretty stuffed with paper right now"

    I will for sure take photos and post them as soon as it comes.
  4. Oh, and ET, is that a Persian cat in your Profile picture? I read on your site that he is recovering. I am happy that he is feeling better!

    I adopted a black Persian (his name is guinness). He is 6 months now. I couldn't attach his photo to my profile because it was too large. His photo is below. Next to my hubby he's the love of my life. :biggrin:
  5. Yay! So happy you have an Edith on the way!! I had to laugh at the s/a's reaction to your question. Most of us here are far more knowledgable about distressing and such nuances that would not bother the average person.

    Love guinness too! I have a 17 year old blue lynxpoint Himalayan-Persian who is the love of my life too.
  6. Hi Roey,

    I agree with you regarding the SA. I got the sense that initially she didn't want to agree or disagree with me because she wasn't sure if I wanted it to be distressed or not! I hope that the bag does have a lot of character, though. I wonder if it was a return, and if so, if it was returned because it didn't "look" the part.

    Blue lynxpoint Himalayans are sooooo pretty! I was shopping between a color point Himalayan and a Persian. It just happened that the Himalayan breeder wasn't expecting a new litter for some time and the Persian breeder had Guinness ready for me. I am so happy it turned out that way because he is sooooo sweet!
  7. LordGuinny, your kitty is ADORABLE!!! Yes, my Greebo is also a Persian...a black smoke. When he was little his coloring was much different, and he has gotten darker as he got older. We went on vacation two weeks ago and while we were gone he ate a tape from an audiocassette and he was VERY sick when we got back. It took three days for the vets to figure out what was wrong, since the girl who stayed with him could not tell us anything, and then he had surgery to remove the tape and repair his perforated intestine. But he is finally back home and recovering. We have two Persians, a lilac point Himilayan, a Manx and a Maine Coon (we live in the country sort of, and we also do animal rescue). I love my kitties!!!

    Here is a pic of Greebo when he was little, the one from my avatar, and the tape that they took out of his intestine.
    Greebo.jpg Greebolookingoutwindow.jpg Greebotapeandcontents.jpg
  8. Aw, he is adorable (love the avatar photo), and the name Greebo is so cute! Glad he recovered from his harrowing ordeal. It sure would be nice if they could talk to us!