Yay, just snagged this from NM for 50% off

  1. how did you get it at 50% off? are there more? Online or store?
  2. Sometimes when people return their paddingtons NM.com will put it up at a discount cost. The lock will be chipped or a slight wear or something. I saw it happen once with a taupe paddington. Sometimes there is something slightly wrong with the bag or it came back a bit defective. I think though, that some people luck out and you can't tell what is wrong with it.

    Other times you can just return it again and it goes back into the cycle. I hope you like it when it comes! Congrats!
  3. I believe that khaki bag has been in circulation for awhile. I hope it's in good condition upon receipt!
  4. I wonder if it is the same khaki that a fellow PF'er had snagged a couple of months ago and returned?
  5. that had pin holes in it didn't it?
  6. Yeah, that was the one that I ordered and returned. I didn't feel like the condition was up to par and even spotted a pin hole in the leather. However, I know some people thought it didn't look all that bad from pictures, so it might meet your expectations.
  7. Well for 50% off, you can't really be that picky! I think it's a great bargain.
  8. good deal
  9. Congrats. I like that color!!!!!
  10. Wow, great deal ... let us know how you like it when you receive it!
  11. Now I'm nervous. I'm way too picky even for 50% off. Guess I'll have to see when it arrives.
    Thanks for the heads up everyone
  12. Gosh I wouldnt be nervous Z&J.
    The paddy is made to look worn in, and looks better with age. It will probably be absolutely fine anyway, so relax, you got a great deal, so bask in your luckiness :biggrin:

    cannot wait to hear all about it when it arrives.
  13. Ahhh! The infamous army green paddy!!
    I remember when the pictures were posted from the last person that bought it. If it's the same one, here's the original thread

    The pinhole is something that might be bothersome, but I agee with chloe-babe though in that the bag actually is made to look somewhat worn in.

    The way I see it, you'd be lucky to find a pre-owned paddy for 50% off of retail so even if it's not PERFECT, you have to take into consideration the price.
  14. I think it's a steal, even for a gently used paddington! Most owners have a hard time selling their bags for less than 60% of its worth. So be happy!