Yay just ordered that new butterfly keyfob!

  1. I called and aske for the new red butterfly keyfob, and she checked and said they only have a butterfly in orange available for order right now. I confirmed that it was embossed leather, so either the orange color looks red online, or I ordered something different! Oh well - we'll see when it arrives! I will break this one out when I put away my blue snowflake keyfob after winter is over.
  2. I think i want to see this... is it up online?
    or does anyone have a picture?
  3. Orange would be cool too. I was thinking I'd order it when I go back to the boutique to model my new Miranda when it arrives, but maybe I should call and order it now!
  4. ooohhh I love orange. Is there a pix anywhere?
  5. omg an orange butterfly would be AWESOME.
  6. [​IMG]

    I ordered it last night and the woman told me it was red, so I don't know. I guess we'll see when it gets here! Orange would be ok too!
  7. Maja, that's what I figured too - either color would be fine!
  8. Yeah, the colors are probably really close. They are so adorable!
  9. I really like it in either color so maybe I'll have to order it this week. Can I use PCE if I order through a boutique?
  10. Those are both so cute! They didn't have any keyfobs on sale when I went...I really want to get one.
  11. That is TOO cute! Congrats!