YAY! Just ordered my Ava Crossbody in Mermaid Metallic!!++

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  1. Myobsessionsboutique price matched the Amazon 40% code..so $237!!!!!
  2. Congrats! Please show pics when she comes. I'm drooling over that color! :drool:
  3. Congrats! What a good deal! The Ava crossbody is a great bag- I'm loving mine in the metallic snake.
  4. I am considering buying it too... I hope you like it!
  5. Yay for new bag purchases! I have the metallic snake and am hoping to get lucky and snag it in mermaid for some outrageously low price.
  6. Just got it but not sure if i can capture the beautifulness that is the color! It is a spectacular bag!
  7. I thought $237 (40% OFF) could not be beat so I had to jump on it!
  8. Love that 40% off! I went with the Maddie Satchel in leopard, it came today and it is really awesome, too.
  9. Congrats everybody on your new bags! I've seen the metallic mermaid leather in person and I agree that photos just don't show how gorgeous it is. I am drooling over all the exclusive mermaid leather bags at www.lunaboston.com. Very tempting!
  10. Someone please reveal this beautiful bag PLEEEEEZ~
  11. Cannot wait to see it! PICS PICS!
  12. Really love the bag, could you please tell me how to find the amazon coupon code? Thanks a lot!
  13. Sherry: It expired.
  14. :sad: Thanks anyway! I think I'll order it from Asteralice cause they offer free international shipping.
  15. Sherry, I just got an email that www.stefanibags.com is doing a25% off sale.