YAY just got my HH Ana bag!

  1. Hey Guys....

    For those of you who remember I found a HH Ana bag on Bluefly on such a fantastic sale that I HAD to have her! Well she is finally here and I took some pictures of her before tucking her away next to her sister, the HH Triple Strap Satchel! I love the colors and the fabric...just everything about the bag is TDF!!! :love:

    So here we go....my first of many HH Ana's!! (and many many more HH's...I just love their bags!!) :yahoo:
    DSCI0001.JPG DSCI0002.JPG DSCI0003.JPG
  2. oh HOORAY! i love the fabric feel on that bag. had it on the Margot kiss-kiss very briefly and it was awesome! i bet that chalk trim is also suuuuuper soft! i love the Ana - may have to make one mine someday!
  3. you should....the fabric really is TDF and at first I didn't think I would love the shape but I really really like it IRL... it is so unique!
  4. So glad you love your bag!
  5. Congrats. Glad you love your bag. :smile:
  6. Hooray :yahoo: for you and your Ana!!!!
    I think the bag has such a great "vibe" in the tweed and leather....I've got a chocolate one and I think yours really rocks!!!
    White is so "in".....enjoy:p and congrats!
  7. Welcome to the Ana club!
  8. I have the exact same bag! :tup:
  9. Oh nice bag! :tup:
  10. Isn't it the coolest... I love the chalk and tweed..
    Are you going to use it for winter?
  11. oh yay, I'm glad you like your bag, especially after you were so excited about it. I need to take my Ana out for a spin sometime soon.
  12. Very pretty bag. Congrats!
  13. love the tweed!! dorky meets cool. fabulous
  14. That is very cute, nice bright look for spring.