YAY!! Just bought Bubble Rings!! PIC

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  1. I just bought 2 bubble rings, they are really cute and different in person. I love them!! My store only had these 2 colors, but my SA located dark pink one for me, and I should receive it sometime next week! :yahoo:
  2. Cute and I love your doggy.
  3. oh my those are so nice
  4. stunning, l love them!
  5. OMG..Your doggie is so adorable!!!
    Congrats, they are very pretty!!
  6. LOL your dog is precious!
    Great rings, I love how they stack together. Can't wait to see the trifecta pic when you get your third one in!
  7. ooh, that ring is so cute, i love it!
    your dog is adorable.
  8. Cute!
  9. Congrats! How do they feel on? The rectangular band looked weird to me, so I didn't bother trying them on in stores...but they look really nice! :smile:
  10. very pretty. congrats!!!
  11. Cute!! I've never seen them before.
    Lovely dog too.:love:
  12. Too bad you couldnt have gotten them at the event the other night ;)
  13. Wow thats different.
  14. ^Matt, I tried them on at the event, but bacause I'm an idiot, I passed at that time....

    Thanks everyone, they are actually very comfortable...so much more comfortable than inclusion ring. Elle, I know you like inclusion items, you gotta try these...they are heavenly, too:tender:
  15. Can you tell my dog looks so happy wearing his "Bee" costume??