YAY its my birthday

  1. sooo I turned 23 today and I have had the best birthday eva... I got my jack and lucy keychain from mum and dad and a cerises scarf ...

    I went into work today and Imy desk was decorated in lots of glitter, ballons and banners ... I got like 5 cards (only 12 people in work plcae) so thats loads and 4 gifts, and even this guy who I really like next door ... may I add he owns next door a soliciters and is soo sweet plus has a sports car, brougt me round a card ...

    we are going out on friday after work for drink and the guy next door is coming ...

    YAY .. what a great day :yahoo:
  2. happy birthday! sounds like a great day! :yahoo:
  3. Happy! Happy Birthday! :balloon:

    I hope you have a magical day!
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!
  5. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! :balloon:
  6. what a coincidence! it's my birthday today too... golden birthday, that is.

    happy birthday! sounds like you are already enjoying it so far... hope the rest of your day is full of joy as well. :yahoo:
  7. Happy Birthday !! :flowers:
  8. Happy Birthday Hope you have the best night too :biggrin:
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! :flowers:
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope Friday goes well too!
  11. aw I hope you have many more happy birthdays to come :biggrin: :flowers:
  12. :party: Happy Birthday!!!!!! :party:
  13. Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy birthday!
  15. HappY Bdaaaaaaaaay :heart: