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Yay it's here!


Feb 6, 2006
I waited alll the live long day for UPS to come by and drop off the package that I have been patiently saving for and it just came by a few minutes ago! I am SO stoked!

I officially own a piece of LV luggage - a Mono Keepall 60! :nuts: :yahoo: A big thanks to Michelle1025 for selling her Keepall 60 at a fab price! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:!

Unfortunately, I can't take pictures because my computer decided to die on me this morning, so until I replace the fan (easy but inconvienent fix), there are no pictures.. which is fine, since I need to update my family portrait anyway. hehe.

For now, y'all can just be happy for me, cuz I know I am! I'm just so ecstatic and depressed that I can't show you all how happy I am.. and it's not as big/scary as I thought it would be! haha! :biggrin: