YAY! It finally came!

  1. Had a mix-up on eBay...seller sent me the wrong key fob...but this beauty FINALLY made it's way to me!

    love love love it hanging off my new Carly!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Very cute. Love it next to the legacy scarf.
  3. Love it! :tup: I have the same keyfob and the same Carly! :love:
  4. Your Carly looks so classy with the scarf and key fob!!
  5. yes they look great together !
  6. That looks awesome! Glad everything finally worked out and that you got the right one!
  7. Very beautiful combination!:love:
  8. ooohh I like that one! I don't know that I have seen that one before, congrats and enjoy!
  9. That looks awesome on your Carly. Has anyone seen that keyfob at the outlets lately? I totally need to get one.

    The scarf is cute too!

    Congrats! :yes:
  10. It's very cute!
  11. Wow beautiful, love the entire package.
  12. It looks *great* on your Carly!
  13. So cute! I love that key chain. So happy for you :drool:
  14. Thanks ladies! I'm soooo glad I finally found/got it!
  15. So Freaking Cute!!!! Congrats!!!