Yay! It finally arrived! Muse 2 in beige and petal pink canvas!!!

  1. Hi everyone! Awhile ago i posted a thread about wanting for buy the muse 2 in beige and pink from nap only to found out it was sold out when i check out. I was desperately trying to hunt one down... Being in perth really we have very limited ways... :/ but somehow it magically appeared on nap again and turns out to be the very last one! As it was sold out again after i paid for it and no longer on their website now... Aaaaaanyway... I'm so excited about this bag... Its super cute! A lot smaller than i expected but still fits quite a lot!!! I'm not good at doing reveals and taking nice pictures but here goes...

    I love the color combo its super sweet!!!
    Now jus a question... Does anyone find the clasp a bit hard to operate... I find it difficult to open and close :S any tips!?
    image-4254023193.jpg image-3127134085.jpg image-1126257577.jpg image-3645520740.jpg
  2. Congrats to you, this is such a sweet color combination. Looks great on you!!! I know this is difficult to open and close cause I've tried one before hope you can get used to it.
  3. That's a stunning bag, so glad you were able to get her!
  4. I saw this bag and it's just GORGEOUS.

  5. I remember seeing this on Luisaviaroma for pre-order and thinking how adorable the colour combo was. It sold out quickly when it came out. So glad you managed to get yours, it's gorgeous!! Is the base and interior of the bag pink as well?
  6. Its so cute. Is this considered medium? If so, it makes me think when I take the plunge I should get a large.
  7. Also, I couldn't help noticing that this pair of YSL Tributes I've been lusting for matches your Muse perfectly ;)
  8. Oh! It's adorable...I was seriously eye-balling this when it appeared on Luisaviaroma website. Congrats!!!! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks everyone! i was stoked too! hehehe cause i first had the bag in the shopping bag thinking i would get more things to save postage... the next morn it was gone!
    i was sad for the whole day :p

    the base is leather and beige however the interior is all pink very very pretty! the pink is not muted at all in real life... very saturated pink!

    no... it's a small i think... then it goes to Medium then Large... i don't normally carry much... and not tall (6"4)... i think with the strap the small look more proportional on me... it still fits quite a bit... i can put my long wallet...glasses with case... a scarf... phone keys lip balm hand cream with no problem... the bag stands and look better when it's quite full :smile:

    haha indeed! :graucho:
  10. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag! Love your flats too.:smile:
  11. Love the colour combination!
  12. Wow,it looks gorgeous the colour combination.i love the stlye and its so convenient to use.i was also thinking of another one to add to my collection,maybe a multicoloured.
  13. perfect color combo. congrats!!
  14. It's so pretty! & it suits you well =)

  15. Thank you thank you thank you!
    i'm in LOVE with this bag and have been carrying it with me everywhere...
    i love how it really pops with dark colored outfits but neutral enough with light colors outfits too...
    i'm in bag honeymoon with my Muse 2:biggrin: