Yay! Impulse!

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  1. anyway... went into gucci after a duffel bag in black gg BOOO! they didn't have it. so headed into lv to blow my money!

    Guess anyone?

    LV BAG.jpg
  2. brb! uploading the next slot in 10! HANG TIGHT
  3. WHAT WHAT!! Open pleasssse
  4. Open! Open! Can't wait to see it Art0fWar.:woohoo:
  5. What is it?? Can't wait to see!
  6. show us!
  7. Please reveal!
  8. IMG_0054.jpg
  9. oi, something bigger! exciting!
  10. Okay. Based on the box, I am definitely sure its a pair of shoes. Hmm. what could it be? I personally love the Impulsion Sneaker in Cacao/Vert. Come on art0fwar, reveal it to us :woohoo:
  11. galliera???:confused1:
  12. Here It Is!

  13. congrats on your new shoes :tup: why waste your time at Gucci.... LV all the way!!!! :P
  14. Congrats on your new sneakers!!! :yahoo:

    They're super cute.
  15. NICE!!! congrats!!