Yay im waitlisted for the trunks & stamps pochette!

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  1. OK i know this isnt a big deal really but i am soo happy this is going to be my first LE item!:nuts: I have been onto different LVs ALL day and finally i spoke to the manager of my store and ive got it sorted! They were released in London Bond St but not in the other stores, so i could have had it shipped or pick it up on Monday, so i thought I will wait and pick it up so i know it wont get lost!:P Im so happy right now! And i knew this was the only place I could share! Hopefully my azur Saleya will be there then ive been waiting for 4 weeks now!!!:wtf:

    It just looks sooo sweet, ive been staring at the one on karen kooper all day! OMG have you seen the price its fetching!
    I saw in the SS thread that someone listed it as £255 its not its £125, so even better news!!!:rolleyes:
  2. Do u have a picture? i really wanna see how it looks like...
  3. lovely!
  4. Is this for the mini?
  5. aw wow! congrats hunny!
  6. I am confused is this for the mini or is there also a regular pouchette? I am obsessed with the mini and can only imagine my obsession with a pouchette! Sorry I am so confused, it is made worse by my excitement!
  7. I am so rude, in my excitement about the pouchette I did not even say congrats to you on your first LE item, that is super exciting! Happy happy joy joy!
  8. yeh its the mini pochette! thanks everyone, there was a lady on here yesterday who has pictures xx
  9. congrats!!! post pics when you get it!!!
  10. Congrats, show us some modeling pics when it is in!!!!
  11. yay for you! please post a pic when you get it!
  12. I'd love to see it. Congrats:smile:
  13. Congrats! dont forget to post the pic...
  14. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your pics.:nuts:
  15. congrats on your first LE piece. I should be getting mine tomorrow.