Yay, I'm the new proud owner of a Mini Lin Speedy!! (ro please)

  1. I had posted a question about the Mini Lin fabric last night, but decided to check it out myself.

    So DH & I went to the LV store in Stuttgart (Germany) this afternoon. I hadn't planned on making a purchase today, but a SA told me they will have a price increase next Monday. Since everything is closed on Sundays in Germany, today would be the last day before the price hike.

    I made an executive decision & bought the Mini Lin! I was very, very tempted by the Azur Speedy too because I don't have any light-colored summery handbags. But in the end, 2 things worked against the Azur: the vachetta & I already own a Damier speedy. But I did get an Azur cles.

    DH was so sweet. When the SA asked for a c/c, he whipped out his even though I never even hinted that I wanted him to buy for me :nuts:.

    So here's a quick pic. Sorry the flash made the Azur cles look washed out. The lighting in my living room is bad.
    Pictures 002.jpg
  2. Oh awesome congrats!Its beautiful.
  3. Congrats! Love the Mini Lin!:heart:
  4. Congratulations!! Looks beautiful!!
  5. How nice!! Great bag.......and to know you got it before the price increase only makes you feel all the more happier !!! congrats!!!!
  6. So cute! The mini lin has really grown on me lately!
  7. Congrats! I love mini lin! Your hubby is so sweet!
  8. beautiful, love this bag in mini lin
  9. Oh Congrats .. GREAT Choice!!
  10. Congrats! It's such a classy bag and not one that you see everyday.
  11. Congratulations-
  12. oooh congrats!!!
  13. Congrats on your great new speedy!:yahoo:
  14. Gosh, it's beautiful! And it looks enormous! :blink:

    I love the dark Mini Lin, you've just convinced me to add one of these to my wish list. :tender:
  15. congrats!