Yay I'm sooo happy!

  1. My driving instructor finally put me in for my driving test after a year and a half of lessons! I'm so excited!!! It took so long because I had a serious speeding problem. It's booked for 28th October so wish me luck! (I'm going to need it!) I didn't think he would put me in for it because I was sooo ill today, but somehow I managed to actually drive well for once :P
  2. so glad for you... now you can drive to all places.. hehe... be safe when driving though..
  3. well done!
    good luck for your test, just remember to stay slightly under the limit ;) and you will do just fine!!!
  4. I'm happy for you :smile: If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

    Hope you pass!! I passed on my 3rd time, but that was because we didn't learn how to paralell park in Mississippi (where I took Drivers ED) but in Maryland it was a part of the test and I didn't know - eep!
  5. I'm 18 ( a lot of people think that I'm 21 because of my user name, but thats just my lucky number!) I will be so relieved to pass so that I don't have to fork out £80 a month on lessons, imagine all the bags I can buy with that spare cash?

    How did everybody else find their driving tests?
  6. Overall, I found my driving tests to be pretty easy. In Maryland, all I had to do was backup in a straight line, make a 3 point turn, stop at an unmarked "intersection" (they tried to trick you here b/c there was no stop sign), and paralell park. Also had to use your blinker then too :smile:

    The Paralell parking got me the first 2 times. After I flunked the 2nd time, I practiced with my mom for 4 hours (not all at once!) and on the day of my last test, I did it so fast that my tester was even impressed! :smile: hehe
  7. Congrats & Good luck!!!!!!!!
    You will be fine & those $80 will will add up to some cute bags pretty soon.
  8. good luck thats awesome