Yay!!! Im so happy!! Just back from Hermes

  1. Awwwwh you remembered my etoupe Lindy :smile:
    Yes I love lindys cos they're so versatile n so easy to get in n out off:smile: I'm building up my collection n have 5 of them :p
  2. Thanks everyone!!!
    I just couldn't wait to share my happiness with everyone:smile: I'm on a high with my purchases!!!!

    BUT!!! Waiting for just one more item!!!!
    This cape cod GM with orange strap!
  3. Congrats on scoring that Lindy and Victoria !! Love the Rose Jaipur and especially nice on a Lindy. You scored well.
  4. Major congrats are in order! Love all your hauls. All of them are super pretty!
  5. Congrats on your haul! Enjoy in good health!
  6. Congrats on your dazzling purchases!
  7. congrats on all your H bags and the watch is beautiful!!!
  8. Great bags in gorgeous colors!
  9. Very nice bags!
  10. Congrats champers21!! And nice modeling pics too. Yeah that happens at H, you wana get 1 thing and get out with several boxes..ahahahah.
  11. Nice Lindy and Victoria! Congrats!
  12. Great haul..major congrats.
  13. Congrats!love the lindy!! Also your DH's steve.may i ask if it's big enough to fit a laptop on?is it heavy ?im thinking to find one for my hubby too,but my store never has it in stock.thanks!
  14. Congrats!!!!
  15. beautiful bags and watch, love your lindy and victoria , congrats! :smile: