Yay! I'm so excited! LV to Norway!

  1. I just read that the roumors about LV starting a store in my country are true! They will get a store there sometime during the fall.. Oh, I'm just so excited, and I just have to share it with all of you!! I feel like a little child! Now I know what I want for christmas this year:love:
    Also, a funny thing I heard on the radio.. A lot of people buy fakes in Thailand, and some radio channel intervjued people about LV, and then this lady goes like "Oh, my daughter has a lot of those bags", and the reporter asked her where she got those from, and she goes like "Thailand!"... It was just quite amusing:P

    But oh, I'm so happy!:biggrin:

    Edit: They say it's gonna be 300 sq. metres big:biggrin:
  2. ohhh thats great!!! i'm soooo happy for you:nuts:

    Yayyyy :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  3. Good for you! I know you can't wait! That's very exciting! Thanks for sharing the good news!
  4. So excited for you, SWEETLOVE
  5. Thanks people, I can't wait:biggrin::biggrin: I'm going to figure out what I want for christmas now, so that I can nag about it to my parents about it for the rest of the year:P I think this store will be relatively big too, compared with the one in Copenhagen (and maybe Stockholm?).
  6. YAY! I'm excited for you!!!
  7. Sweetlove ~ That Is Such Fabulous News! I Am So Happy For You!!!
  8. That's so exciting. So happy for you!
  9. Thank you all:biggrin: Now it's just the hard and agonyzing wait:P Oh well, now I can spend my summer vacation earning money so that I'm ready to spend in the autumn. haha.
  10. Good for you! I would love to go to the grand opening, but the closest I've come to Norway was Epcot in Disney World!
  11. congrat ! you are so lucky . I've been living in Poland for 5 years and there isn't any LV store here . Even i'd like to buy , i can't . I hate buying from eBay , too many fake >.< . Now , everything i can do just only wait until July , so i can go back to my country and i can buy LV bags in a LV boutique there ^_^ .
  12. I totally agree, it's been so annoying not having LV available, and it's soooo annoying that elux won't ship abroad (yeah, I know it's because of complicated things etc.), but who needs elux most? A european who has to cross borders to get to an LV store or an american that can go into their nearest NM, Saks, LV-butique etc? :smile:
    Anyways, I'd also love to go to the grand opening, but I don't think I'm a good enough custimor(SP?) to be invited, so I think I have to wait until after the grand opening, but that's okay really, since the longer I wait to go there, the more time I have to earn up more money to spend there. lol.
  13. very good news for you:smile:))))
  14. Yay!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!
  15. Yay cant wait!
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