yay!!! i'm pregnant!!!!

  1. i had to write this here tonight........:yes:

    i am pregnant!!!!!:tup::heart:

    i just found out, went through 3 different kind of boxes of test....i used my old stash pregnancy test, then my DH went to CVS.....i didn't like the test he got me (lol) so i went to CVS (all happened around 9pm!)...........

    so....i guess my little Sophia is going to be a big sister!!! yay!:yahoo:

    thank you for letting me share!:p

    i shouldn't have been so offended when somebody i know from long time ago (she knew me when i was alot thinner!!) asked me last week that if i was pregnant --- i went AAAAH:wtf:!!! no, i am just FAT!!!!!:roflmfao:
    but i think i am only a month or so into my pregnancy.....darn!!! found out too soon....that makes a looooong pregnancy....

    but i am sooooo excited!!!! have a wonderful night everybody~!!
  2. Congratulations on number 2 :yahoo:
  3. Congratulations!!!! :nuts: I'm so happy for you!!!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congratulations!!! :dothewave:
    (And Sophia is soooooo cute!!!!)
  6. Oh congratulations!! What wonderful news - it's great to have more baby dust around here!
  7. thank you so very much guys~~~~ i am just sooooooooo excited~~!!!!

    i know i'll be flippin' out tomorrow....just the thoughts of doing the pregnancy - birth - newborn stage again all over.....

    my lovely 'terrible 2'yr old is getting wilder and wilder each day.....

    i've been complaining how tired i was lately and i've been getting pains in my belly ----- darn, i just started doing BILLY BLANKS boot camp DVDs about two month ago and i was doing so well......LOL

    i WILL NOT gain 70lb again this time!!!!! hehehehe:rolleyes::p:heart:

    thank you again for letting me share! my DH is so excited.....!!
  8. That is really wonderful news. I'm happy for you!
  9. Congrats!!! Know what you mean....I gained 65lbs with both of mine. I finally got it all off and my daughter is 2.
  10. congrats!!!
  11. Congrats!!!:wlae:
  12. Many congrats on baby No. 2! Spread some babydust to us in TTC.
  13. thank you so very much for all your sweet comments!!!!!

    i am just too excited to sleep~~~~~
  14. Wow!! Congratulations Sophia!! :biggrin: I'm so excited for you, and I bet your adorable little one must be happy to get a sibling!!!!!!!
  15. i had forgotten about how terrible my first pregnancy was, i was sick - sick - sick...gained too much weight...pain (specially my back and left arm...yeah, that's right).....i was being induced and was in labor for 29 hours....!!!!!

    ok, nothing to freak out about....!