YAY! I'm not blacklisted at LV!!! LOL

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  1. Some of you may remember my other thread about LV supposedly being upset with my returns of defective hearts.......I'll make a long story short. I went in yesterday to speak with the manager. She admitted to me that LV corporate didn't call her....she called them because she was upset that her store was having to take my returns for defective purchases made at vuitton.com and 866. She said that those returns go against her inventory. I guess you need to return directly to vuitton.com or the store you ordered from 866 or your manager will get upset. LOL She said I would never be blacklisted from LV because I'm a valued customer. I'm a little upset because all weekend I was freaking out. I called the asst. manager that I know really well at another LV here and she checked the system....no flags on my account. I'm happy about that. I think the bottom line is that she was upset that I went outside of her store and made purchases. That's the drift my husband got, too. She kept saying for me to come there and they can find me everything I want. I'm just happy that it's all resolved. I feel like though she kind of fibbed to me at first making it look like LV was coming down on me when actually it was her. :tdown: She also told me that a woman came in to return a defective bag from vuitton.com on Saturday and it was really bad. She's upset with vuitton.com and I guess other stores are as well because they're getting a lot of returns.
  2. Yay, so you're not the only one with a defective product from lv.com. You are the customer and you have a right to return whatever you want!
  3. that's great news! i'm sure eluxury hates me because i'm always exchanging defective items.
  4. Good to hear that you got to talk to the manager and solve everything! I think they will now try their hardest for you to have a good experience at their store. I would use that to your advantage and make solid purchases in person that are not defective!
  5. Agreed!! No more buying on vuitton.com or 866 for me!! I just can't trust that the items are not defective.
  6. Oh thank goodness!! I can just imagine how upset you were thinking you weren't welcome at LV anymore! :sad:

    I can see your manager's point.. but she has to realize some things can't be had at the boutique, you had to hunt those hearts down.. she must know that?
  7. That's great news!
  8. O_O i didn't even know that you can get blacklisted
    is this really true?! bizarre!
  9. Great news! I'm very lucky to live close to a store so I'd never have to order online but really - shouldn't they examine their merchandise better? Maybe they figure not everyone will care about minor defects and that is how they get rid of some of their less desireable bags???
  10. Yep, I can see her point. I don't think it's fair that the store you return defective merchandise to should eat that up. I think they should have to send it back as defective. That's just not right and makes no sense. I guess they're having a meeting at the end of the month to discuss this issue because a number of stores are being hit. I don't feel I should pay shipping back to LV for defective junk either, so that's why I returned to my store. I know what you mean about hunting the stuff down......my store got the stuff in late and I wasn't very patient. She assured me last night that they will always hunt stuff down for me if I just ask. She was very sweet and I guess I have to learn to trust her more.
  11. Agree!! This one miroir heart I got was so scratched up it looked used. I can't believe that anyone even looked at it. If they did, they must be visually impaired!!! LOL
  12. oo im glad you got that sorted! I did think about you today and wonderd if it had all worked out. You deffinatly dont want to fall out with the manager!
  13. I've heard it is. Maybe it depends on what type of customer you are, your relationship with the boutique, I really don't know.
  14. That's wonderful news! That's the last thing we avid LV lovers need is to not be able to buy LV!

    They shouldn't have even doubted you for a second esp. if you're a valued customer. I guess I'll be thinking twice before I order from their website.
  15. It is your right as a customer to exchange an item if there is something wrong with it, so don't be afraid. Besides, eLuxury will sell your return to someone else for sure.