Yay I'm getting neg feedback on Ebay from an idiot!

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  1. I got a message from a buyer of mine on some Chanel sunglasses that were listed as damaged on Ebay. She sent me a message stating she's going to leave negative because I misslead her into beliving they were not scratched. She got more than 1/2 off the retail price! :rolleyes: I can't wait for this one to bring me below 98%. Oh well, I'll wear it proudly.
  2. you are taking it very well babe! Dont let the idiots get you down :biggrin:, and you can always leave a comment under her feedback. I hate these people that think they can threaten you with negative when it doesnt turn out to be what they want. They make me so angry.
  3. I had a crazy incident happen last month on ebay - I bought these shoes from a seller and they came and I don't know if they were fake or just horrible quality or samples or what, but I sent them back. I didn't hear from the seller regarding my refund so I proceeded with the paypal process and then all of a sudden I started getting a bunch of harrassing emails.

    it got so bad that i told him that if he contacted me again I was going to report him to ebay. all of a sudden he puts this CRAZY INSANE comment on my feedback saying he knows i am banned from 12 sites and yada yada blah blah blah, and then out of the blue, sends an apology with a request for a mutual withdrawl of the feedback. I declined - I 'd rather keep the crazy feedback on there so people CAN see what a weirdo he is!!!
  4. I think getting a neg from a wacko is a rite of passage if you are an E-bay seller. Congrats to everyone!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. Eh, I've got one too from some ******* who called me 3 or 4 times a day asking for tech help on a stereo that I sold to him. I clearly told him to read the manual and to call Panasonic cust serv since I am no longer responsible after he has opened the package and turned it on...

    Well...he left a negative saying that the stereo didn't work and later he emailed me and told me when he got it the package was damaged. Those were all HIS responsibility to file a claim with the USPS that it was damaged...NOT MINE! UGH.

  6. Actually, it's the sender's responsibility to make sure that an item arrives safely and in good shape and if necessary, to file a claim with the USPS. By insuring a package, you're insuring it for you, not the buyer; that's why all eBay sellers would be wise to charge for mandatory insurance.

    allison, do you mind me asking why you can't simply offer the buyer a refund, minus shipping and your listing fee (since you mentioned that they were damaged in your listing)?

    Surely that way you could keep her happy, avoid a negative and relist without being out of pocket?
  7. I don't accept returns unless I missrepresented the item. She threatened me with negative feedback two days ago, and has yet to leave it. I pointed out her feedback (95%) with a neg for non-payment. I think she got the point and might not even leave feedback at all.
  8. You should ask her what damaged means ? :roflmfao::roflmfao: Be sure to leave the same feedback. Buyer doesnt understand that meaning of damaged, as clearly stated in auction.

    Some people:censor:
  9. Seems that buyer cant read. Chanel sunglasses that were listed as damaged on Ebay. She sent me a message stating she's going to leave negative because I misslead her into beliving they were not scratched.
    I'd take the neg feedback, anyone reading it can look at the auction that clearly stated DAMAGED and the buyer proceeded with the purchased then had remorse. Sorry no refund for buyers remorse.
  10. After working several years in retail I have come to realize that it doesn't matter what you do some people are just going to complain no matter what. I had someone send me an e-mail complaining about the service in my store for no apparent reason. I remember who they are and I didn't do anything wrong. They basically chose to get bent out of shape over nothing.

    Hopefully she'll get over it, realize that the damage was stated clearly in the auction and not leave you a neg feedback. Good luck!
  11. I am still of the opinion that if you want items that you can return if you are not 100% happy with them, then Ebay is not for you ;) . I would never expect to send something back (from ebay) if I had read the info correctly and it had not been represented. I think that is the chance you take when you get a bargain - you have to be prepared to bite the bullet if it is not what you want it to be :sad:
    Some buyers expect ebay sellers to be exactly like a shop with a returns policy. I just do not understand that logic. That is what you pay the extra for instore for, surely? :yes:
  12. Exactly^^ I have however had to complain when the seller sent me the completely wrong item!! they were in Japan so it was going to take forever to return etc.. seller just said 'keep the wrong item, i'll just send the right one out, no extra cost'

    Sweet!! free stuff!
  13. I can't believe she's going to leave you a neg feedback for that. what a jerk!
  14. Ugh. Once I got a negative from a seller who I emailed about 10 times because I was trying to send a check for this digital camera I'd won (this was before paypal) because I REALLY needed the camera for prom. Well finally I gave up and gave the guy a negative and 7 months later, he emails me and says "where is my money, you won this auction and haven't paid!" And I nicely explained that I'd emailed him MANY times trying to get the info to pay for the camera, but never got a response. So finally one day the jerk left me a negative saying "Worst on ebay, never pays, BAD BUYER!!" and yadda yadda. I apparently wasn't the only one who'd had trouble since the majority of his feedback ended up being negative. (I think the name was AtoZWorldwide or something). I didn't understand how they allowed people with that dismal of feedback to keep selling on ebay.
    So I disputed it, but of course, he wouldn't retract it even though HE was being the idiot about it..so finally I just got to the point where I did NOT need a negative from some idiot to ruin my perfect feedback and did this thing where for $20, you were able to have the feedback retracted. I'm not sure if that option is still available though..it might be worth looking into.
  15. I swear...I am SO tired of eBay...I still have auctions up, but I tell you...it's getting worse & worse!! The fees are getting higher & the buyers seem to be much worse, sellers...for the most part the fakes are inSANE!!!

    I have come to the conclusion that I have to just block anyone that seems to lead to an uncomfortable situation!! I am tired of dealing with idiots & people that don't read the auction policies, etc...

    Anyway, I am really tired of selling on there...thank goodness I am building my own site!:hysteric: