Yay, I'm getting her back!

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  1. I recently posted a thread how I regretted selling my Cerises Speedy. Anyways, I had purcahsed the exact same one for a friend of mine and she just told me that she wants to sell hers. So I'm getting it back!!!
  2. yay!! congrats!!! I love the cerises speedy!!
  3. Congrats! I'm so glad that you are going to get a cerises speedy ... now, I just need to find one :smile:
  4. Congrats!!! Great bag! i have always wanted one.
  5. congrats on getting her back!!
  6. lol I know how that feels! glad you have your bag back!
  7. Yup, I regretted so much after I sold her.

    The best thing is that I purchased this bag myself so I know it's truly authentic and almost new condition.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Congrats on getting it back- great piece!
  9. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for ya!!! :nuts:
  10. Congrats on getting it back!
  11. That's great news- glad you're getting your bag back!
  12. yay! my cerises speedy is one i'd never part with. i can just imagine the regret you felt! it's such a great bag!
  13. congrats!! happy for you :yahoo:
  14. yay, congrats!!
  15. congrats!