Yay! I'm Finally An Azur Addict!! *pics*

  1. After a looooong waitlist, this morning i received my beloved Speedy 25 from Venice store!!

    i'm so in love with it! it's FABULOUS!! hoping to get the saleya PM and a wallet too!:graucho:

    enjoy pics on the link (no teasing!:roflmfao:)

  2. very nice. congrats!
  3. Awe so cute!! Congrats!
  4. That bag is GORGEOUS!!! Great size too. Enjoy it!!!
  5. congrat@ love this bag!
  6. Congrats! Very pretty!
  7. thank you all!! it's so fresh and perfect for summer!
  8. Congrats! You have a beautiful collection.
  9. Congrats, lovely bag Lau! I had my eyes on it too the other day while I was at LV...Here there's a huuuuge waitinglist for the Azur Speedy 30!
  10. its gorgeous!!! what a lovely collection!!
  11. Congrats on your new purchase.
  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!:heart:
  13. Congrats! Azur Speedy is always refreshing!
  14. very pretty!:love:
  15. Congrats! Very nice!