yay im excited!

  1. so i went to the mall today ...stopped my the mac counter and bought the
    FIX+ spray...IM SOOO EXCITED...everyone raves about how well it keeps ur makeup in place...and while i love the smell...makes me feel like i just got my makeup done...lol i hope my T-zones dont kill it! :wlae::wlae:
  2. Yay! Welcome to the club! I love that stuff, I swear by it!
    If your t-zone gets oily, just pat some MAC Blot powder on, and you're good to go. Blot is clear, so there's no makeup buildup like even pressed powder will do. Just don't rub the Blot Powder on... blot it on. If your powder puff gets mucked up over time, just get the Cover Girl ones from the drugstore, or the nice ones at MAC. Enjoy!
  3. ahhhh, yes. i had my makeup done by a consultant once and she sprayed my face with that stuff.

    works wonders.