Yay~~! I scored the new red flap!

  1. I am sooo excited and I am totally out of words:yahoo:

    Saskia @ BG just called me that a pre-reserved medium red lambskin classic flap is now available, because the lady who reserved it did not show up and they could not hold anything. I guess she had tried to contact several people but I am the only one who got back to her in less than a minute. So, now I have it~~~!!! Hooray~~~~:party:

    When Saskia called me I was on the phone with Diane @ Saks, and feeling frustrated since she told me Saks doesn't buy any medium red flap bag from this season (the person who is responsible for purchasing for Saks was right beside her, she double checked with her/him, and btw, there is a Chanel Trunk show going on today and tomorrow). What she is gonna have are:

    1. Red Caviar Jumbo with silver chain
    2. Red patent bag from the Luxury collection - $2795 + tax. Diane said the bag was absolutely adorable. This year Chanel adds some classic flap details to the Luxury collection.
    3. Red rock & Chain - which is also gorgeous
    4. Caviar E/W with silver chain - $1150 +tax (I was talking to Brendan earlier, but was under the impression the Caviar E/W was $1350+ tax????)
    Anyway, today is my lucky day! I just want to share my joy with you all:yahoo: :drinkup: :drinks:
  2. Congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  3. Congratulations, can't wait to see your pics, it must be gorgeous!
  4. Thanks GTOFan & Beautylicious! The more I saw the picture of the bag, the more I love it! It will be delivered to me next Wednesday. I will definitely post the baby here for you all to enjoy :smile:
  5. Yay!!! Congratulations.

    I spoke to Brendan earlier today about the discrepancy between the price of the lambskin and caviar for this same bag. He was shocked that Bergdorf's prices for the lambskin flap was so low. He was gonna sneak over to Bergdorf's and scope it out.

    Damien from Saks Bala Cynwyd confirmed that the new Caviar Jumbo with new chain was going to be $2,250 at Saks also.
  6. Congrats! I just got the tracking number from BG. My red flap will arrive on Monday too!
  7. BTW, As far as I can tell only Nordstrom and Bergdorf's order the S/S2007 Red Classic Flap w/new chain in Lambskin. Every other boutique/department store only ordered caviar.

    So if you got lambskin you are one of very few people who did. Congratulations!:wlae:
  8. CONGRATS!! This bag was MEANT to be yours from the start! Saskia actually called me early this morning when the store first opened and left a voicemail for me about that flap. I was in a meeting at the time and got the message after lunchtime.....I knew she couldn't hold it, and I was debating whether that lambskin version would be best-suited for me/my lifestyle (I'm also wait-listed for the Jumbo Caviar) -- part of me was dying to walk over to BG after work to buy it, and the other more rational part of me was hoping someone else would grab it and save my credit card bills for this month (as I have the Jumbo Caviar expected later)! Well you saved me :smile: Please post photos so we can live vicariously through you!
  9. Smoothoprter: Thanks for checking that out for us. Brendan is really nice. It is my first time taling to him today, and I am impressed. I don't know why BG has a lower price, shouldn't each style be priced the same across the country? But anyway, it saved my $$, and considering the tax I don't need to pay, it is even better:smile:

    Missyiovely: Then you are going to receive the baby two days earlier than I will. PLEASE post as many pictures as you can then for me to drool over till I get mine :flowers:
  10. ^^do you know if Bergdorf ordered the lambskin in jumbo?

    I just called Nordstrom and they only ordered the red lambskin in medium and only 3 bags.

    Maybe no one ordered the lambskin in jumbo?

    ETA: Just confirmed with Bergdorf's that the red lambskin bags (which they are completely sold out of) were all medium sized. They did not order the Jumbo lambskin either.

    So that probably means that no one ordered the lambskin in the Jumbo size.

  11. Oh I should thank you! It is just destiny, just destiny:p
  12. Joyfish! soooooooooooo happy for you! she sounds gorgeous
  13. Thank you Purse-onality! I just feel like crying...tears of Joy~!

  14. I left a message to Saskia, hopfully she will get back to me soon about the Jumbo Lambskin.

    Which Nordstrom have you called? I hope that does not mean the whold company only ordered 3 red lambskin in medium:smile:
  15. Hi Joy!! Congrats on your new purchase!!! I was wondering if you know what kind of red the e/w flap that they have? Is it more like red-red or coral (red-orangey)?