Yay, I scored a new tote (ebay style)... pics!

  1. Hi everyone!! :smile: I was browsing eBay last week just looking (yeah, right!) :p, and I happened to see an auction for a fabulous, edgy black tote! I didn't know much about it, but thanks to Roey via another thread, I discovered that it's the Caviar and Pony tote from fall '06! I just received it yesterday, and I love it!! It's the perfect "I can wear it and still look okay while dressed down black Chanel tote!" Haha, well that's what I think anyway! This is my first distressed Chanel piece, and while I love the look, I couldn't resist putting a little Appleguard on it last night (I'm strange like that!) just to minimize a little bit of the distressing if possible. I snapped a few quick pictures before I went out to run some errands today (and buy pastries, yum!), so here they are... hope you like them! :smile:





    That's our dance floor haha (It took me forever to hang those streamers ahh)... we also have a disco ball, smoke machine, and lights (ohh and a bar!)... it's too funny, but my mom wanted it, and it's pretty cool! :roflmfao:
  2. How fun, a disco in your basement.:wlae:

    Score on the bag!!! So glad Roey recognized the bag.:yahoo:
  3. As I said in my PM, I adore that bag! It looks great on you too. I don't notice the distressing at all in the pics and am glad the Appleguard helped minimize what was there.

    If Nordstrom had ordered this bag in brown I would have purchased it. I couldn't find it at any other dept. store and didn't want to buy from a boutique. It will definitely be a bag you can wear for years and years. How's the weight? Is it heavy??

    Cool disco basement! I remember the disco days all too well...
  4. its gorgeous congrats on your new bag !
  5. Love that bag, congrats!
  6. What a great bag!
  7. What a great find! Enjoy it...
  8. Ooh I love your new bag!
  9. Thanks everyone!! Smooth - I'm glad too!! The disco is fun haha, but I like the other room a little better (theater)!! :smile: Roey - thanks for the compliment and all of your help! The chains definitely give it some weight, but it's not too heavy at all! I would think the modern chain tote with the chains down the side would be a lot heavier. Brown would have been gorgeous (it came in brown?!), I actually love brown bags, and wear them even more than black, but I thought a funky black tote would be a nice change! :smile:
  10. oooh what a cool bag! and i LOVE the basement/1
  11. beautiful bag! it looks fabulous on you too!
  12. what a cool basement

    and even cooler chanel bag !!
  13. Great Find And Wonderful Purchase~!
  14. congrats on your new bag! it's a great find.
  15. great bag! congrats on getting it, it looks lovely on you!