YAY!!! I made the decision to go on our belated honeymoon with..just bought it!!

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    Here is what I finally decided to get to go on our honeymoon vacation (got married in september 09') and we finally narrowed that down to two places...either aruba or jamaica. Researched a LOT about all the islands in the carribean and we're going in April. Finally decided between the two totes now have to decide between two islands!!! Any suggestions on the islands would be greatly appreciatd also.:P

    Well, here is what I bought.....

  2. Yaaaaay you went with the ptt!
    Belated congrats on your wedding and have fun on your honeymoon!
  3. Love the bag, good choice! Now make another good choice and don't go to Jamaica! Been to both and Jamaica is gross and unsafe!!! Aruba is so much nicer.
  4. OH WOW!! Really, we also considered St. Lucia too. It's hard to choose, we want to tour some of the island also other than sit in the sun all day. Aruba has gambling casinos which is a plus. We checked out the all inclusive pricing and all the islands are pretty similar with that. Oh, and also which part of Aruba did you stay on, Palm Beach or Oranjested? Thanks for your help!!
  5. Aruba
  6. Love the bag choice! I haven't been to either place but friends and colleagues that have gone seem to prefer Aruba!
  7. Great Choice!
  8. Congrats on the bag! And the future honeymoon!
  9. Awesome choice, I'm sure you'll enjoy carrying her during your honeymoon! Btw, I prefer Aruba too ;)
  10. Lol I was just looking at this last night debating on it! congrats great find
  11. Beautiful! And congratulations on your honeymoon!
  12. Love it congrats!! ARUBA for sure!
  13. Sorry...can't help with the places...never been to either....:biggrin: But big congrats on the honeymoon and very nice tote.
  14. I would be wary of Jamaica - not very safe!

    A girlfriend of mine visited St. Lucia last year and absolutely loved it.
  15. I don't know it has been several years since I have been but I know it was towards one end and we stayed at the Marriott every time because it was the newest hotel. Last time I was there the new Ritz was being built, it's open now. Several of my friends have stayed at the Westin too.

    Plenty to do in Aruba too, I actually went on one of those bus tours once time which was more fun then expected. Been to the bird sanctuary, Aloe Vera factory, there is a guy on the beach that does private snorkeling trips, it's a little more expensive (not much) but totally worth it. There is a pirate ship party boat/cruise that goes out every night, never been but heard its fun. Don't bother with either of the Argentinean steak houses, it's impossible to get a reservation, the wait is long and the food is not worth it. You have to go the a restaurant that is located on the end of a dock, don't know the name but it's in the middle of the main strip of hotels. It's super casual, food is really good and you sit out over the water and watch the sun set. Shopping is decent too, there is a Gucci, LV, Cartier and Ferragamo and tons of jewelry, bought three Michelle watches for under $2,000 one time.

    OMG! I know way too much about Aruba