Yay I just won !!

  1. Definitely looks real, don't worry. Congrats on the new bag. :yahoo:
  2. ! What a beautiful zucca! Looks real to me. :smile:
  3. congrats on your first bag!
  4. Oh, so you're here in Hawaii!! What area?

    And congrats on your AS zucca!!
  5. Congratulations!! Definitely real, and a good deal, too!! Yay :tup:

  6. im in waipahu !
  7. Cool!! I used to live in Waikele, where my parents still live. I usually go there every weekend to pick up my mail and raid the pantry. *lol* My dad calls it my commissary.
  8. Very pretty!! Be careful, though...Zuccas are addicting!!!! :nuts:

    Congratulations, and enjoy it!!!


  9. I second that!! *lol* And get yourself a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser since it's so white!!
  10. aww i was watching that auction but didnt realize it would end while i was at work..
  11. theres another one on there at 99.00 with no bids last i checked !
  12. Congrats on your new zucca! It has a lot of characters on it and you got it for a great price =)
  13. Congrats on your new Zucca!! Love AS!!
  14. Oh, you have blue latte! Gorgeous :biggrin: