YAY I just won ......

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  1. the orange perforated pouchette - I won it off eBay and got it for under retail - I am soooooo excited - and I just recieved my cruise strawberry/heart earrings today - I am on an LV high LOL
  2. Awesome kimmy! Congrats. Post a pic of the earrings on, if ya can!
  3. :cyber high five!!!

    How exciting!!
  4. Good for u, as you may have knew this, lots of sellers have sold this new line way higher than retailed on eBay now.

  5. good job.
  6. Happy for you. Congrats!
  7. Wow, congrats, I love the perfo, and more if its orange, please show us pics when u get it :smile:
  8. Congrats. That's a very cute bag and will look nice this summer.
  9. Congrats Kimmy !!
  10. Good job Kimmy !
  11. Kimmy you are on an eBay-roll! Congrats on the pochette!!
  12. Congratulations! Do you have the perforated orange pochette plate to go with it as well?
  13. I would like the see a picture of the bag.
  14. Lucky girl! Congrats!
  15. Hey Kim, it's nice to see you again. It's me Monica (Mon) from the BBB (Jessica814). Congratulations on the perforated wallet and the jewelry. Can't wait to see pics.

    How you been?:biggrin:
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