Yay! I just won one of my all-time dream Bbags!

  1. I remember seeing this gorgeous bag on Balenciaga's site back in fall 2005. I had called BNY but they didn't have much info on the bag and didn't know if they would be getting any in. Anyway, I completely forgot about this bag until I saw one show up on eBay last week. So, I stalked it and won!

    Here she is, a monk leather tote in rouge theatre (my favorite Balenciaga color!)

  2. Congrats on your unexpected find!
  3. Wow, its goodlooking!
  4. Ooohhh!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I was watching that bag! No money to bid on it, but I was hoping she would go to a tpf-er who would appreciate her.
  5. I LOVE it- the leather looks gorgeous and what a unique style! Congrats!:smile:
  6. It is gorgeous!!!!
  7. it's gorgeous!!! It kinda looks like that Chloe bag, but better!
  8. I saw that bag on eBay too! It has gorgeous leather! Enjoy!!!!
  9. HOLY GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!! That is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :drool: :love:
  10. i just commented on your win in another thread! but congrats again!
  11. wow, it's gorgeous! Love it.
  12. Gorgeous, congrats!
  13. great find!
  14. Danae is right- like the Chloe Edith's way cooler cousin!
  15. Wow.

    That's looks amazing!! Congrats!!