Yay...I just won an..

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  1. Antique Glace Plum Ledbury...

    I wasn't planning to buy a bag, but saw this with a few minutes to go and fell in love!
    I've just sold both my Poppy satchels and my fuschia Mabel...so I thought I'd treat myself.
    I'm determined though that my next bag will be a red Mabel (my name is on the Outlet lists, so fingers crossed)
    I will post some modelling pics when it arrives.

  2. ^^^ I saw that, very tempted but I have enough ledburys as it is. congratulations!
  3. I did have an Oak, choc and a pink Ledbury but sold them all. I hope I can manage to hang on to this one longer?
  4. Yay Rachie, congrats. It's a stunner!
  5. hulahoop you need to change your avatar, it's making me dribble!!
  6. Woooow when I saw that one on the eBay list I nearly had an heart attack, thinking it's my dream Bays. Now you have more Plum Glace! Isn't this world unfair?? :crybaby:
    But congrats, looking forward the pics!:heart:
  7. OOO, you lucky girl Rachie, I have my eye on that one but at the last minute decided to pass as i have enough bags. Great seller.
  8. Haha - so it mine! May the best girl win then!:bagslap:
  9. I think you must actually go through more bags than SJ Rachiem? Why did you sell your Fuschia Mabel?

    What bags do you actually have in your collection now?
  10. Lovely bag, congratulations!
  11. I was looking at this earlier- it's a gorgeous bag!
  12. Hopefully the Outlets will get a bumper delivery soon. Apparently, the deliveries have been minimal due to the new computers being installed.
    What would you prefer medium or large red Mabel

    I just never seemed to use the Fuschia, I wanted one for ages too....but ended up selling it for a huge loss!
    I now have..
    Black pleated Poppy

    Red mini Mabel
    Small choc Mabel
    Aqua Mabel...my favourite one still!
    Midnight Mabel
    Pebble Mabel reg and small shoulder

    Lilac goatskin Bays

    Small orange Poppy

    Gunmetal Agyness

    and now the Ledbury

    I think that's the lot?

    I also sold my Gunmetal boots, as I just can't see myself wearing them.

    My Poppy satchels went as they were too heavy across my neck.....
  13. congrats - I got the last oen that was on ebay and it's beautiful!
  14. What a lush colour. Well done!
  15. Congrats Rachie! I was watching that auction to see what it would go for, as it's the same colour as my Blenheim. Looks like you got a bargain! Looking forward to modeling pics!