yay!! I just ordered my first gucci!!

  1. I decided on the large abby in black- I had wanted a large brown (going with an LV I think) and a large black bag to carry my laptop, etc in for law school this fall and after going to Saks yesterday and looking at the bags- I realized this was really the only one I liked big enough and I just found it on unusualthreads.com for about 25% off, yay :smile:

    I can't wait for it to come in!!!


    I also ended up picking up a pair of gucci sunnies at off Saks yesterday- I'm in love with them they are white with floral print on the horsebit details! I can't find any pics online though and my camera battery is dead- so hopefully I will post pics later :smile:
  2. congrats
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Congrats luv the bag
  5. Is that website legit?
  6. ^ im not sure because for some of the gucci's bags...the Gs are misaligned..
  7. how's the return policy on that site? you might want to run this thru the authenticity check here on tpf

  8. I did a search about the site before I bought- they seem legit.

    here's a thread in which they were mentioned: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/advice-for-buying-online-or-not-112637.html

    though there was a thread that said it was fakes and real mixed

    either way I did pay with my amex so I am pretty safe if I have a problem- I'll def post it in the auth. thread when I get it just to be 100%
  9. oh, i'm sorry, what a bummer!
  10. hi! i'm glad you bought with your amex..if you look carefully at some of those pics on your website, the logos are misaligned..
    btw, are these bags new? they seem to have some scratches on the goldware?


    you may want to read carefully about what the OP said? "sometimes"..worries me?

    anyway, congrats!! i bought the same bag last week for work...in gunmetal, i LOVE the bag! :tup: (have yet to post pics)
  11. congrats on your purchase!