YAY!! I just got a Foresta Denaro!

  1. I just got it on eBay..what do ya think?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. ooh cute! congrats ...love the monkey and dinosaur :biggrin:
  4. VERY cute!!
  5. cute!!!
  6. Oo:huh::huh:O very cute! how much did you end up spending for it?
  7. congrats! i've been after foresta lately myself~
  8. It was $90 shipped..over retail but I have been looking for one with a placement I liked for awhile
  9. So totally worth it if the placement was what you wanted :biggrin: One day i want one w/ the dinosaur on the back and the lil sasquatch behind the tree on the front heheh....we shall see.

  10. That "Egg Dino" is just so KYOOOT!! Congrats!!!!!:yahoo:
  11. Adorable!! Lucky you!
  12. Congrats TVstar! Very cute!!!
  13. CONGRATS!! The monkey eating and the dinosaur is so cute! Wow.. a foresta denaro is pretty hard to come by lately!
  14. tvstar: super cute denaro!!! u got a monkey! yay!
  15. i love foresta especially because of all the munkys (and that's why i'm looking for more). ;) congrats!!! cute placement!!! :smile: