Yay!! I just bought a RED VINTAGE tassel zipper bag! What do you think? :)

  1. congrats! i love red!
  2. love the tassel! enjoy!
  3. :tup: CONGRATS!!! Is beautiful~ Gorgeous!!!
  4. Lovely! congrats:tup:
  5. You guys are making me feel at ease. I never buy stuff like this on eBay cuz I get worried about fakes but all of you seem to think it's real :smile: I have just always wanted a Chanel tassel bag and to find one in red was so exciting!
  6. yayyyyyyy
  7. Do any of you guys know how to pay with a CREDIT CARD on Paypal? I am having trouble. I have a CC registered on there but everytime I try to pay, it keeps wanting to take it from my personal account. Just in case the bag was fake, I wanna make sure I pay with a CC so they can give me money back in case of any problems! Help!!!
  8. ^ Nevermind. I did it hehe. ;)
  9. I was watching this auction too - congrats! I'm really starting to love vintage items. I don't know why, but there is nothing from S/S07 or F/W 07 that I really love. So I'm looking elsewhere.

    congrats!! Vintage is always chic!!
  10. YEAH! I totally know what you mean. Nothing from this season knocks me out. My best friend has a Vintage Chanel bag with the tassel and I was looking at hers last week and that's when I knew that I just loved the older bags more than the new ones! It's just been so nerve racking buying Vintage on eBay even though I feel confident on this one otherwise I wouldn't have done it. But from now on, I think I am gonna stick with buying the Vintage Chanels from consignment stores ;)
  11. cute :yes:
  12. There's an option to do so, before you submit payment you can click 'payment from different source' (something like that) and you can choose your credit card.
  13. great find !!!
    enjoy it