Yay. I Just Bought a Paradiso Zucca..

  1. Hi everyone... I just bought a Paradiso Zucca from Kristine on LJ... Here are the pics she sent me. She is so nice! Anyhow, I love the placement except its missing the Sumo Girl but I figured I can always get something small with her on it. I'm so happy..:yahoo:..

  2. Congrats!! It's really cute!! :yahoo:
  3. Love ittt!!
  4. wow, that looks almost like mine :biggrin:


  5. Thank you..:love: She sure is pretty..hehe.. Its hard to find a Paradiso Zucca with really good placement and I think this one is pretty good... Plus I want one now before they become as rare as the Inferno Zucca.. Then they are impossible to find..
  6. Aww.. cute !

    I'm on the hunt for another Zucca too.. this is too cute !
  7. *gasp* Yours is beautiful!:drool:
  8. Congratz! Very Beautiful, if you don't mind me asking how much did you have to pay? I want a Paradiso Zucca now!
  9. Thanks.. I paid with shipping $200... They are getting expensive but then again its not that much over retail... It's a good idea getting it now before they go up to high...:yes:
  10. That's a good price b/c zucca = $184 plus tax here = $200 so you got a great deal! :graucho:
  11. Congratz. So cute! :tup:
  12. Yay, Danelys, I'm so glad you got your Zucca!
  13. Aww thank you Gingiemay. I'm so happy..hehe :happydance:... I :heart: Paradiso and I have a Paradiso Ciao Ciao but for some reason I dont like it on the Ciao Ciao so I have never used it. So I cant wait for the Zucca because then I can finally go out wearing Paradiso. hehe:yahoo:
  14. LoL. I'll try telling my husband that.... :p
  15. Oh I LOVE it! I'm so jealous, hehe. I have been on the hunt for a freakin' zucca for WEEKS. I found a paradiso on eBay that I loved, and then my friend bid on it, and I would never outbid her. Then I tried to get a la'more zucca, and I wasn't there to check the auction and somebody outbid me by $2. I am just having terrible luck with these stupid zuccas! But congrats. It's adorable and looks like it is in perfect condition!