Yay!! I hit BIN on Ipod case..

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  1. So my husband had been hinting that I was going to get a Coach ipod case for Xmas so I looked one up on Ebay and found this one! I got it authenticated through you guys..so I have no doubts it real! My DH is still gonna wrap it and I cant use it until Xmas day but atlesat I know its mine!!:yahoo: It will go great with my future Signature Stripe tote! (I think thats what it is..it's a tote thats monogramed?)

  2. CUTE!!! Great purchase!
  3. cute! love the signature stripe!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Cute! I've been looking at those, too.
  6. Congrats...I have the same one as you w/ pink trim & love it!
  7. Congrats - very nice!
  8. Cute!!! I have been wanting one of those too.
  9. Congrats.
  10. Congrats! Very cute!!!
  11. Awww, congrats!