yay!! I have a new (and first) niece!!!! ( i think)

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  1. My brother just called me to tell me that Noemi just had a baby girl! I am just in happy shock. However, when we hung up I just happened to remember today is Apri; Fool's day..now I am wondering if that was a joke..but I feel too stupid to call back and actually ask that. LOL Noemi was due around April 7th, so it would make sense..but isn't that quite the coincidence?? LOL :lol:
  2. Congratulations!
  3. lol...congrats!!...maybe you aren't an autie quite yet but it sounds like you will be pretty soon.
  4. Awww congratulations!
  5. Oooh girl, you must swallow your pride and find out if there is a new baby!! Very cool if there is. I would be dieing to find out!
  6. AWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! (if it turns out not to be a prank of course)

    You're going to be a GREAT aunt!
  7. Congratz. What a great April Fools surprise.
  8. Congrats !!! I hope LOL
  9. Congratulations!
  10. Amazing news. Congratulations! (Ask them again on April 2nd, just to be sure!).
  11. Congratulations! That is great news :nuts:

    thank you everyone :smile:!!
  13. haha, i may just do that ;)

  14. congrats !!
  15. congrats!! you'll be a great aunt! jw, wats her ( the baby's) name??