Yay! I got the gold chain for my pochette! Another great experience!

  1. ** Sorry, I got carried away with my story so kinda long. Pics at bottom.

    Another fellow PFer posted a few days ago that she was able to purchase the gold chain from the accordeon as a repair piece... I've been wanting one for quite some time but was unable to find a SA that was willing to sell one or a store that had it in stock. (sometimes I felt they had it but the SA just didnt want to sell one or sometimes I was told they don't sell that separate from the accordeon). Her wonderful pics motivated me to again try to search for it. I was on holiday to visit SO, and inquired at one LV store and the SA said they didn't have it without even looking and somewhat discouragingly said it would take months to order and she would need to get a manager to order it (aside from that she was nice and offered to validate my parking ticket without me even asking so overall still a good experience). As we were driving away it occured to me theres more than one in close proximity so I called and a very sweet SA checked and told me they had it!! My SO was so tired from driving me and he just wanted to hit the beach but neverthelesss he drove me and the kind (and beautiful) SA was there with my item. It was a small purchase but she was so kind she happily gave me a box and cute little dustbag with it too. I left VERY happy and VERY satisfied. :yahoo:



    Length comparison pic... it was difficult to show but the chain is slighty longer than the vachetta strap when attached to the pochette. I was suprised as the chain looked short and I was afraid it might be too short. I was relieved to find it is perfect!!

    Modeling pic... I tried many times to take this pic but they all came out blurry. Here's the best of the bunch.
  2. Very cute, I think I need to try to get the chain, since I love wearing my pochettes
  3. Whoa.. that is HOT! :nuts: If you don't mind, may I ask how much it cost? I might want to get it too! :p
  4. congratulations! Glad you were able to get the chain! It looks great with the pochette! Now, I think I may need to get a pochette for my chain too :graucho:
  5. ^ I don't mind at all... thats what were all here on tPF for. :yes: I paid $25 no tax. She told another SA there was a sticker on it that said $25 and she put it into the computer as a "repair" but I think the price might be inconsistent. I heard it cost someone else $30 and at the first LV store the SA quoted me $36. I guess it varies depending on the SA? :shrugs:
  6. very cute love the chain
  7. suuuper cute! umm..may I ask how you described this to a SA? did you just say, "i'd like to buy the chain that you have on the accordeon wallet?" lol...in case i might want to buy this....
  8. ^ i wanna know how you asked for it too :smile: your pochette looks gorgeous with the chain by the way :love:
  9. ^ Thank you! I completely recommend it! Its SO cute in person!! I half worried it would look weird but the length really is perfect! I just called and said "Hi, I was wondering if you have the replacement chain for the accordeon avaliable?" She put me on hold for about 5 minutes and came back to give me the good news. When I walked in and asked for her another SA said "The chain right?" So I'm guessing she had to ask around. I am so glad I called in. SO and I were in the car on the freeway so it was noisy and I was a bit discouraged from the last store I went into. But, it was REALLY worth it! You should definitely call in and ask!
  10. holy...............that is SO HOT!!!!!!!!!! and DIRT CHEAP!!!!!!!!!! oh i loooooove it.......reminds me of the sophie look.....im definitely going to call around now and find me one of those! hope it's not that hard........Thanks for the tip!!!!
  11. I love this!!! I must go and get one now!
  12. Congrats- it looks great!
  13. That's so chic and pretty. I wonder if I can get this in singapore..
  14. Very cute!
  15. What a great idea.:yes: It Looks very cute!