yay ! i got the apple + apple

  1. Just got the apple key chain yesterday, sold out at one of the bigger boutique at KL, then I call the SA at newly opened boutique and my SA reserve one pc for me. Just bought it yesterday night. Here is my apple key chain 92152 with brass ring, matching with my medium dark brown duffle bag.

    Another apple i got is apple shoes (no brand) but it is really cute and I love the apple icons.
    1.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg S1.jpg
  2. Cute!! I love the apple keyfob!! It'd be perfect for me since I'm a teacher!! Hehe. And I do need to find a charm or keyfob with brass hardware for my new Ali... :graucho:
  3. Very nice!!! I love the apple and I love those shoes! Good score!
  4. Me too! I also picked one up for my aunt since she also teaches! YEAH for TEACHERS!
  5. :tup:

    p/s: why teacher need apple ?

  6. I have NO clue!! I guess it's just because students bring apples in for teachers (I'd like to know where that originated because apples are one of few fruits I don't care for!). I'd much rather get a mango or papaya or starfruit or something!! Hehe. Or cash! That'd be better. Just give me cash because I spend so much of my own friggin' paycheck for classroom items. *lol*

    Does anyone know where and why the teachers + apple thing originated?
  7. i love to eat apple (almost everyday must have 1) but i dont know teacher + apple thing originated???
  8. That's how I am with watermelon!! I eat about 1/4 of a large watermelon every day. And after last night's Open House, all my kid's parents know I love watermelon. *lol*
  9. The idea of bringing an apple to the teacher originated in Denmark, Sweeden, and US (New England in the early days) when teachers were paid poorly. Students and local communities often paid their teachers in food and other necessities to supplement their minuscule salaries (hmmm...hasn't changed much huh?). Many goods came from the homes/farms of the students in the school. Apples were plentiful, so they often were given baskets full.

  10. Interesting!!
  11. :tup:wow, thanks for the information, I really happy to know to that:yahoo:

    i have tried many many different apples, Fuji apple, Washington apple, australia apple, honey apple africa etc.... I love apple and i have coach apple keyfob now but cant eat :p.... love love love apple....

    when i 1st time saw it on website, i know i want to grab it... :heart:

  12. got Coach watermelon key chain xx
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  13. I have the watermelon charm. I got it on Sunday!! ^_^
  14. wow, i also like the watermelon, :lol:
  15. Oh man, I want that apple so bad! It would look amazing on my bag...or I could use it on my keys. Either way, it's GORGEOUS.