Yay! I got my Vacanze!

  1. Hi all! I am pretty new to Tokidoki but I have always liked it. I didn't get a bag until recently, the Gioco Famiglia. Today I got a BV (great shaped bag!) Vacanze with my perfect placement! I didn't think I cared about placements, but I knew that I wanted the knitting kitty in the middle on one of the sides and Mozzarella singing somewhere prominent as well. I was able to look at 4 before picking the one I wanted. I am excited to start carrying such a bright and cheerful bag! Hope you enjoy my pics!
    vacanze side 1.jpg vacanze side 2.jpg
  2. Great placement! I really like both sides and I especially like that they are different! Congrats!!!
  3. Knitting kittie is my favorite character on vacanze :love: Congratulations on your new bag!
  4. Thanks so much! I am excited. I'm sort of relieved that the collection is complete, now I can catch up!
  5. Congrats! Your placement looks so similar to mine BV... hee...
  6. nice!!
  7. Hey bedhead you have the cute Latte hoodie! I tried it on (it was the last one and WAY too small) and didn't even realize it had little horns on the hood!
  8. I love your bag!
  9. ^Thank you! I am having lots of fun with it!
  10. Nice placement!
    My fav Vacanze character is the Elf on the tree.
  11. Your placement is very similar to mine, CUTE!!!
  12. Wow... so much going on in this print, I never even noticed the elf!