yay! i got my tattersall coin purse!

  1. you don't know how hard this thing was to order! everyone kept telling me it couldn't be done. i finally gave up through the store and just had JAX do it for me. it arrived today and it is so cute!
  2. I want!!!
  3. It's adorable! I have the legacy version and I love it - it's a great little piece, enjoy it!
  4. ooooh that is cute.. post pics!!
  5. It's adorable! I love the tattersall print!
  6. So cute! When the tattersall first came out I wasn't exactly head over heels, but now after having seen it in person more I think it is adorable. :love:

  7. it is cute! is it larger than the keychain one?
  8. That is soo cute. I had it at one point and returned it - :confused1::confused1:.
  9. I didn't even know that existed! omg! Can't believe I missed that one!
  10. sherry - it is much larger than the keychain one, i had that at one point. it is kind of the size of a wristlet, only round.
  11. Cute!!!!!
  12. very cute!!! Congrats!
  13. OMG!!! I've been trying to order this wristlet for MONTHS!!!! I NEED DETAILS!! I'm sending you a PM...

    Can you post real-life pics? With interior shots and views at all angles?! (ha-jk)
  14. sooo cute!
  15. pics! sorry they're not great, just off my blackberry. don't know where my digital camera card is right now.

    i put the catalogue in one pic so you can compare the size.
    cp1small.jpg cp2small.jpg cp3small.jpg