yay i got my new mono pochette

  1. no mc yet.
  2. congrats!
  3. congrats. it's a classic
  4. Congrats, pics?
  5. congrats! I wonder if this holds more then the other pochettes? (vernis and epi?)
  6. great piece
  7. congrats! I just got one myself...
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats! I would of held off for the MC though!
  10. congrats! did you get it yet?
  11. I just ordered it from elux about 30 mins ago :biggrin: I paid for 2 day shipping though so I can get it quicker. yay
  12. congrats! I have one and I love it!

  13. do you use it as a handbag or an accessory?? I was gonna use it with my speedy, and as an evening bag sometimes
  14. You'll love it as an evening bag, casual bag, or in your bigger bags. Is your Speedy a 25 or 30? May get squished going into a 25 if it is full. I use mine in my BH. I think it holds more than a Lexington because it is softer and can expand better.

    I am lucky. I got mine when it first came out in 99 for 145! Still in fab shape!
  15. the mono pochette is on my wishlist. i have it in azur. i think it is one of those classic pieces. you can never go wrong. post pics when it arrives. would love to see how you choose to carry it! oooh...and get an extender when you can. it just "drops" better with it.